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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Special Thank You....That I Should've Made a While Ago

Being busy.....or trying to be busy, is the excuse I'm sticking to for not posting a single entry on my blog for the last 2 years, and for that I apologize haha.

On top of the teaching job I'm enjoying and the other freelance projects I'm working on, I am still determined to update my website and blog with new content and ideas I've been experimenting for some time now.

For this post however, I want to thank a couple more articles that posted positive comments about my thesis film "Shift Plus" as well as acknowledging the hospitality I received when attending the Short Sweet Film Fest in Cleveland a couple of years back. I've never done a director Q&A before, but it was cool to experience members of the audience in the basement of a brewery ask questions about the 8-bit, avatar ideas I expressed in the film. And even the smallest mention Shift Plus keeps me motivated to animate more and develop better work.

So thank you Victoria Laberge of, and thank you Michael Suglio, Alex Pavloff, and I will try to have something new and fresh to present sooner than least that is my goal. :)

Here are the article links I mentioned.