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Monday, February 6, 2012

Still working on finding work.

So it's been about 5 months since I graduated from SCAD, and yet there's a lot to correct, tweak, restart, re-work, re-render, and finish within my overall portfolio. While the time I spent on my thesis film was an awesome, learning experience, (along with the time spent looking for potential employment) the same time is being put towards making better demo reels and an updated portfolio for the companies I'm interested in applying for.

So far my plan is to:

- tweak, and re-render my short film "Shift Plus" to release online to the public. This change will included, added shots to simplify the story, corrections in the models as well as their animations, and some subtle textures and render passes like Ambient Occlusion will be added.

- I'm currently working on Dan Augsburger's thesis film entitled "Madcow." and depending on how the film is released will depend on when I can add it to my demo reel.

- A rigging reel is in the works. It will be based off of 10+ rigs I have worked on during and after my studies at SCAD

-2 existing acting scenes in my existing character animation reel will be tweaked.

- I'm learning more ways to use the UDK engine to develop a stronger game animation reel, and 3 walk/run cycles will be added as well.

So hopefully this month will be a very productive one.