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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Thesis is done, but more work ahead

The Thesis has officially been completed on time, and approved by SCAD (4 weeks ago). Now that I am back home in Cincinnati, I can continue developing more content, and eventually displaying that content on this site.

While I would like to showcase the short film, there is still more work to be done. While I turned it in to the school, my team and I want to continue working on it with the hopes of having it festival-ready starting in January. There are scenes to re-light, re-animate, and re-render.

I also want to formally thank everyone who worked on Shift +. I could not have finished this film if it wasn't for the excitement and the diligent work you all achieved to see this project through. I can't thank you enough....seriously I can't.

To give credit where it's due, here is the credits list so far of Shift +:

Jonathan Fobbs

2D Animation & Opal Character Design:
Amanda Christensen

Environment Layout Artist:
Dana Blockton

Prop Modelers:
Miho Tomimasu
Dan Field
Kris Vaughan
Harshit Desai
Jonathan Graef
Danesh Taraporevala

Graphic Designer:
Danielle Interdonato

Rigging Supervisor:
Evan Perry

Jonathan Graef
Danielle Interdonato
Brianna McNamara
Rebecca S. Boensch
Ahren Wert
Daniel C. Augsburger
Eric Spivey
Jyreme Mcmillon

Special Thanks:
Jacques Khouri
Michael Gargiulo
Debra Moorshead
Jeremy Moorshead
Kyle Bingham
Andrea Stephens
Dana E. Corrigan

And here are some stills from the short film: