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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rendering Shots for Shift +

Here is a link of a render collage I have been working on for my thesis film. Soon it will be done and evaluated...then re-worked, lol. The music was composed by Jonathan Fobbs, and the animators responisble for these particular scenes are Jon Graef, Rebecca Boensch, Danielle Interdonato, and me.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Animation HAS BEGUN!!....2 and a half weeks ago.

I am very excited to say the animation process has finally begun, and I feel confident I can get this thesis film done by the end of this summer. The reason why I haven't been updating the blog is just that....I'm busy.....very busy.....super busy, making sure this film is to the point where the story I've been working on is easy to read and the animation is crisp, clean, and fun.

Once this thesis is done, I will have more time to get back into strengthening my overall portfolio, and becoming more active on the blog. All will be revealed on the blog in the near future, like the topic of the paper, the amazing people I interviewed for the paper, and the overall process of the film which is now officially called "Shift +."

Plus, here's one of the scenes a friend of mine, Danielle Interdonato worked on for "Shift +".

NOW Garcian!!... SWOON the readers, express how awesome this short will be.....  

Shift+ - Shot 21 Playblast from Danielle A. Interdonato on Vimeo.

yeah.....nice :P

I currently have 9 amazing animators including Danielle working on different shots while I work on my fill of shots. The film is at, or over 3 minutes.....0_o.... WHAT......I need time for my characters to THINK, I HAD to add more frames I DUNNO...........I gotta go back and recalculate the whole thingGET OFF MY BACK!!!

Once the film is completely done, I will continue to give credit to others, where credit needs to be due. Now, back to Maya, the love, hate relationship. :)