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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thesis Progress part 1

Class started this past week and the planning of schedules, projects, and deadlines are back in full effect. Before school started I began working on some of the beginning stages of my thesis film. Since I've been playing more 8-bit games than next-gen for a while now, I was immediately fascinated with the 3D pixel aesthetic that was used in projects such as Patrick Jean's "PIXELS" and Silicon Studio's "3D Dot Game Heroes". I wanted to see how I could experiment with this aesthetic and whether or not it could help my story for my upcoming film.

This was a quick sketch I did of the character and Kyle Bingham helped with the color.
 So as a result, I ended up modeling a character I've been continually drawing in my sketchbook, cube by cube. I'm not that much of a programmer, and this is sort of the hardest way possible to somehow find a way to animate all of these cubes correctly, but within the process of how I can picture the character moving in my head, it seemed like it was the most practical step to take.

Currently I'm in the process of rigging this guy. His controls are almost done and ready to bind. Now that school is in session and I'm back in Savannah, Georgia I now have some faster equipment to work with.