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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Work, Stress, and Patience

Hello all. Sorry, I haven't really been posting a lot on this site....I guess trying to work on multiple assignments isn't really helping the fact that none of them are finished yet. From fixing past animation scenes, revising stories and pitches, to reading maya tutorials and looking for more information that's important to my overall thesis research, this particular July has been really tough to focus on one thing and complete it.

One of the ideas I've been leaning more towards and enjoying within the realm of an art style is finding a interesting way to apply 8-bit pixel art to aspects of my developing art style and overall thesis animation push.

A couple of weeks ago, I drew a couple of my friends in an 8-bit format. I haven't done a lot of 8-bit stuff, so this to me is a good start.

If some of you don't know who these people's Amanda and Jon....somehow I was thinking of them fighting off zombies, lol, sorry guys.

More to come within the next few weeks....